Programming New Technologies and One Step Closer to Web 3.0 with DLT - Gossip about Gossip #65


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New technologies push a high school student to overcome imposter syndrome by programming and developing in the DLT crypto space. Advancements towards Web 3.0, like distributed ledger technology Hedera Hashgraph, have many experts looking at which DAPP will fully realize the resiliency of a decentralized network.

In this Gossip About Gossip podcast episode, Hedera’s Cooper Kunz is joined by Christian Holman, a self-taught developer high school student, and Ivy Wallet Creator. Christian drops insights on how to learn coding (for beginners) and shares how Ivy Wallet users will benefit from unique features no other wallet offers.

Listen to the podcast and learn what to focus on when building and developing on Hedera Hashgraph. This is just a taste of new technologies that will change the world.

You can learn more about Ivy Wallet at

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