Developing a Mindset for Revision with Chris Hall and Ellin Keene


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What if revision is something that happens in the mindset of the writer during the writing process, not just on the page, after it’s done?

This is the question that author Chris Hall sets out to answer in his new book The Writer’s Mindset: Six Stances That Promote Authentic Revision. He presents readers with six stances -metacognition, optimism, perspective-taking, flexible thinking, transfer, and risk-taking- to guide and expand the standard revision process.

Today on the podcast Chris is joined by author Ellin Oliver Keene.

Chris was mentored by Ellin during his time as a Heinemann Fellow. It was through their collaboration and the action research project Chris worked on that led to the work that became The Writer’s Mindset.

Chris and Ellin begin their conversation talking about the evolution of Chris’s work since their time together at the Heinemann Fellowship.

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