DEEP DIVE - Test and Stephanie's Wedding Part 1


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We go all the way back to the Summer of 1999 to track every inch of the Test and Stephanie wedding story, from the proposal, to the second proposal, to the amnesia, to the third proposal. We even look at what’s going on with Triple H, even though there’s no way that could have anything to do with the happy couple’s nuptials.

Want to get caught up? This episode deals with content from Rebellion and the following episodes or RAW and SmackDown from 1999: August 23, August 26, August 30, September 6, September 9, September 13, September 16, September 27, September 30, October 4, October 7, October 11, October 14, October 18, October 21, October 25, October 28, November 1, November 4, November 8, and November 11.

Yeah, it was a lot. And that’s only Part 1!

Theme song “There Are Traitors in Our Midst” by Disco Vietnam

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