DEEP DIVE - The Best of Chris Jericho (Pre-WWE Matches)


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To celebrate the arrival of the Ayatollah of Rock ’n’ Rolla Y2J on the August 9, 1999 episode of RAW, we look back at some of Chris Jericho’s best matches before he joined WWE. Here’s what made the list:

July 7, 1995 - WAR 95 vs. Ultimo Dragon

December 13, 1995 War Super J Cup 1995 vs. Wild Pegasus

March 9, 1996 - ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash vs. Cactus Jack

September 15, 1996 - Fall Brawl 96 vs. Chris Benoit

July 13, 1997 - Bash at the Beach vs. Ultimo Dragon

September 14, 1997 - Fall Brawl 97 vs. Eddie Guerrero

February 22, 1998 - Superbrawl VIII vs. Juventud Guerrera

March 15, 1998 - Uncensored 1998 vs. Dean Malenko

May 7, 1998 - Slamboree 1998 vs. Dean Malenko

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