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The HEROic Brand methodology creates results like these and his proprietary “Digital A.L.C.H.E.M.Y. Formula“ maps out the path To building a HEROic Brand step-by-step. It’s the result of 10+ years of testing, tweaking, and trying things out in real markets, with real experts, and real paying customers. And more than 20+ years and $100K of training in marketing, persuasive psychology, instructional design, speaking, sales, and business. Richard's goal is to help each of his clients add 6+ figures to their bottom line with online sales of their courses and/or coaching while adding less than 4 hours on management per week.

Find all of Richards links here - Courses - https://richardmatthews.me/courses/

Work with Richard - https://richardmatthews.me/work-with-me-2/

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