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Eric is the founder and owner of VanEss K9 Academy. He has worked as a K9 handler and trainer since 2005, recently retired as the head trainer from Canton Police Department K9 Unit, along with the Police K9 Association. Eric spent time as a trainer for Naval Special Warfare Group 1 (SEALs) training, America’s elite Multi-Purpose Working Dogs. He is also the co-host of Working Dog Radio podcast, where he interviews trainers and handlers from all over the world Eric’s passion for training dogs is evident in everything he does. He has trained dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes, for work or just being a well-adjusted member of your family. If you are a pet owner, rest assured that your dog is in good hands with Eric and his team. If you are a K9 handler, Eric will do everything possible to make sure your dog is ready for the streets and will perform at the highest levels.

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