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The Help I Got A Mac podcast was originally launched after I, Cliff Ravenscraft, purchased my very first Apple/Mac computer in 2007. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20, I then spent years on DOS based computers. I was an early adopter to Windows 3.0 and 3.1 and then moved into Windows 95, 98, and XP. I refuse to consider my "Windows ME and Vista" as "computing experiences. I recall my initial excitement about owning a Mac wearing off after about two weeks. I had become quite frustrated with how the Mac OS differed from the Windows OS. I needed help and that’s why I launched this show and titled it, “Help I Got A Mac!” In the Fall of 2007, I met Chris Beiting, a former Apple Store Genius who came to my rescue with a willingness to answer any and all my Mac related questions. I invited him to join me me on a weekly basis and from November 2007 through March 2012 we produced 180 episodes devoted to helping the brand new Mac Switcher and discussing all things Apple, including Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and iEverything Else. Be sure to check out my current main podcast, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, in your favorite podcast directory.

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