04. Linda Secondi - How to create a quality beauty product while protecting the planet.


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In this episode, we’re learning how to create a quality beauty product while protecting the planet.

Linda Secondi started out within the fashion industry working in marketing for brands like Burberry. After 10 years of working she felt like her passion for the industry was diminishing and that she had to explore the beauty sphere.
Her interest in lashes piqued when she was seeking a lash extension alternative for her wedding day. She couldn’t find a brand that’s philosophy aligned with its marketing. That is how Lithe Lashes came to be. With zero familiarity in starting a business, Linda set out to create a collection of lashes that would integrate seamlessly within everyday routines but that were also completely vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable.

In its first two years, Lithe Lashes has received praise from news outlets like Vogue.com, The Daily Mail and Oprah Magazine. In addition to the brand achieving the highest form of beauty praise from Allure’s Best of Beauty in 2019.

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