13. Darlene Gahite - How to endure and enjoy the process of growing your business.


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In this episode, we're learning how to endure and enjoy the process of growing our businesses.

Founded in August 2020 by Darlene Gahite, SYSTM is a professional home organizing service based in Toronto, ON. Darlene works together with the everyday millennial by organizing spaces inspired by intentional living, functionality, and clean lines. The main concepts within her work include minimizing clutter, establishing new layouts, and reshaping your milieu.

What she aims to achieve with each of her clients is creating a collaborative experience in providing a more efficient and organized living space. She works with her clients on establishing strategies that are customized to their lifestyle which enables them to realistically integrate these changes into their daily routine.

Darlene discusses how she looked at the bright side and silver lining of being laid off, she outlines her minimalist approach and how it has changed her life and she details what goes into running a professional organizational business.



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