15. Erika Berthelot - Scrappy and savvy, learning the business as you go and knowing when to ask for help.


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Erika Berthelot grew up in a remote northern community in Winnipeg. She did a brief 2-year stint in university for business and is a veteran nail tech of nearly ten years.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she began experimenting with different cuticle oil formulations, a product she wished her clients would use more often. After a few prototypes of varying formulas and bottles, she landed on the winning Cutie Oil and began to market it to her clients and coworkers.

The company grew rapidly and has already reached milestones she had never really envisioned, such as hiring a marketing and brand partner, in addition to being featured in several publications like The Kit and Canadian Living.

Erika continues to embrace each new challenge as she reaches new and exciting milestones! She discusses how she remains scrappy and savvy to avoid overspending in her business, why she looks forward to constantly learning new business practices each day and how to know when it's time to ask for help.

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