17. Lori Nestore - Learning for your brain type, finding a business partner that compliments you and working smarter not harder.


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Lori Nestore is the co-founder of Tuel Skincare and Berodin Wax. She is a cosmetologist, an aesthetician, a waxing specialist, and a highly sought after educator who lives in California. She was first recognized for her superiority in waxing treatments and training 30 years ago and continues to lead the American waxing world today. Nestori now shares her "secrets of the trade" with waxing professionals around the world.

In this episode she dives deep into her family history and how her mother, skincare pioneer Eva Friederichs, created Tuel based on the belief that good skincare contains only the best that nature has to offer. Lori’s Mom believed in living a healthy lifestyle way before we knew what things like non-GMO, organic, and chemical-free really meant.

Lori discusses how she took over the family business with her sister and was able to ensure all family members were happy and at peace with the transition. She talks about the best way to have a fight with your business partner, because it’s gonna happen! She gives tips on how to find the right education that works best for you and particularly your learning style. Lori discusses prioritizing parts of her business that may have seemed pointless or futile in the beginning but actually paid off and generated a larger return on investment for the brand. She also discusses how she mentored and helped bring the Youth to the People brand to life in addition to launching in Sephora and so much more!

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