24. Sonia Ashok - Channeling rest and self-care daily to be more productive, forging your own career path and collaborating with other women to foster a community.


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Dr. Sonia Ashok is a Career + Leadership Coach and the founder of Connective Coalition, a community to empower women in the workplace. She is a physician who pivoted into health policy and then tech startups. Her experiences navigating career advancement and toxic environments as a minority woman inspired her to support others in climbing the ladder. She is a certified yoga teacher and diversity, equity, + inclusion (DEI) specialist. She lives in San Jose, California, with her husband and lots of plants.

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • 4:26 - Defining moment of the week.
  • 10:34 - How to figure out if you want to quit your job.
  • 11:52 - Blocking out societal expectations and tuning in to what we want for ourselves and our career.
  • 20:57 - Including self-care into your workday to maximize your productivity.
  • 23:49 - Why do women have to work harder to stand out and succeed in the workplace?
  • 27:03 - What does burnout look like and the factors attributed to it?
  • 28:07 - What is the busyness epidemic?

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