25. Dheandra Nicolette - Manifesting your dream career, creating a powerful vision board and ignoring viral trends to solidify your brand and social presence.


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Dheandra Nicolette is a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and host of The Manifest Daily Podcast. She’s spent her first few years working at amazing companies in their marketing departments learning the ins and outs of leveraging social media to achieve business goals. She’s worked alongside amazing thought leaders at major brands such as TripAdvisor and Dunkin’ Donuts.

In her trending and steadily growing podcast The Manifest Daily she provides listeners with all the energy and support needed to return to their highest selves and live their best lives. Seriously, listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked! I found Dheandra in a time of need and when I felt extremely alone, throwing on any of her episodes makes you feel connected and like she’s right there in the room cheering you on.

Take a listen to Episode 42 to get a better understanding of Dheandra and the phenomenal work she does.

In this episode, we are talking about:

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