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Background: NCAA v Alston happened. I thought I'd bring still-technically-HLS-staff Moons, an actual lawyer, on the pod with Shane and I to discuss this intelligently. We had a great time. Awesome conversation. I learned some things.

I also learned Zoom didn't record a damn thing. I learned this after we finished the episode.

We will re-rack again and give the episode another shot. That being said, I know we can't completely re-capture the moment like we did the first time.

So, since Shane and I record our audio locally, I did some creative editing for Moons' audio. I clipped the end of the show which was easily the highlight.

If you are interested in hearing the entire Mt. Everest of Tex tech fuck ups, I have that available on my Patreon. You can unlock it for $1/month as I attempt to make lemonade out of the lemons I threw at myself.


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