The HBCU Experience: The HBCU Band Alumni Edition Ft. Dr. Kathryn D. Kelly w/ J. Jamison


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#HERSTORYWednesday Today's episode is in partnership with The HBCU Experience: The HBCU Band Alumni Edition as we feature Dr. Kathryn D. Kelly. Dr. Kelly currently serves as the Treasurer and Board Member for Girls Health Ed, an organization whose mission is to educate girls to make empowered decisions about their health. Additionally, Dr. Kelly serves as the Vice President of the Howard University Medical Alumni Association Board of Trustees. Kathryn's HBCU Band Experience influenced her college career and set the tone for the rest of her life! H.E.R. Story is meant to be shared! Let's take a listen! Twitter: @drmomkelly Instagram: @kathrynkellymd Facebook: @Kelly Collaborative Medicin

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