Episode Forty-Nine - Clint's Epic Adventure - Warhammer Fest, BOBO and Notorious GT


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In this episode, Clint has returned from his trip overseas and talks to Adam and Travis about his time at WarhammerFest, BOBO and Notorious GT.

We had to switch recordings towards the end due to some technical issues and this means there's a bit of keyboard noise, so apologies in advance for that.

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00:00:00 - 00:23:32 - Intro, Hobby Progress and Games Played00:23:28 - 01:06:30 - Clint's UK Trip - Warhammer Fest01:06:36 - 01:52:40 - Clint's UK Trip - BOBO and Notorious GT01:52:44 - 02:04:33 - Event Round Up, Patreon, Social Media and Outtake

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