Stinging Nettles Love: An herbal spotlight on this deeply nutritive, restorative medicinal plant


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Ahhhh, nettles. Urtica dioica. Stinging nettles. Very possibly one of the most beloved medicinal plants in western herbalism. And for good reason.
As one of the most mineral and nutrient-rich plants in the western herbal materia medica, nettles bring deep nutrition and restoration to the whole body, and have a lovely affinity for the wombspace, too.
Listen to this episode to learn:

  • why nettles is an indispensible herb for your apothecary (and diet)
  • the energetics and overall character of nettles
  • what I mean when I say nettles is a "gateway plant"
  • ways to start working with nettles in your own body or clinically
  • traditional actions and uses of nettles throughout history
  • explorations into current scientific research on nettle leaf, root, and seed
  • specific reasons to incorporate nettles into pregnancy, postpartum, endometriosis, PCOS and overall support during menopause

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