Dazed & Confused (But Unafraid)


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Joining today: engineer, pop culture critic, and host of Odder Worlds, Dave Herman

Why do we stop? Cease to continue with the things that we love, that we create? That keep us up in the morning, at odd hours, throughout our everyday?

Confusion. Inertia. Fear of what’s still to come—or yet may. If you want to create, as a hobby, profession, form of personal expression or as the eminent biologist E.O. Wilson might say, to live in a not-as-of-yet fully inhabited space—then you’ll know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the things that you make. Or by what they both want and need in order to be sustained.

So we’re going to talk about fears today. And how, one step at a time, we can turn those shivers you feel in your feet everyday to a walk to a trot to a leap down the road that leads to ‘what may...?’.
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