“Where the Beats Have No Name, Pt 1“ with David Herman


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Joining today: humorist, game maker and the host of Odder Worlds, David Herman

There’s a moment in every story’s life where it will go a different way than the one you had in mind. When that’s done well, it can lead to a great or even wondrous surprise.

But sometimes the premise, the beats, and the end destination just don’t align: what you expect doesn’t lead anywhere, the moments that should have been are not there, or you don’t know how—at this place—you’ve arrived.

What do you do when the tale that you’re trying to write, when the pacing you’d need (or perhaps like) doesn’t fit within the inevitabilities that you find?

Join us today for the first half of our conversation on a few tales that we’ve engaged with or made and how they create, sustain (and sometimes break) narrative flow.

- J

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