“Where the Beats Have No Name, Pt 2“ with David Herman


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In the first half my conversation with Dave, we talked about the four elements of narrative pacing: the premise, your beats, what the audience ‘sees’ and where those should lead.

Today we’ll take a deeper look into the heart of things, or rather, ‘the heart of the scene’: that moment from which all of your beats will drive to or flow. This ‘heart’, as we’ll show, usually taps into what a character cherishes, wants or desires above all else (even in a slight way), reveals some truth of the world, or brings some nuance or insight on either to light.

It’s also why I like to say that in the stories we write, there’s no such thing as ‘a lunch of dry toast’; not when you can find so many wonderful things in even the smallest or quietest scene—you just need to ask yourself ‘what if...?’ and see where that goes.

- J
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