How To: Love Yourself (And Your Life!) More With Bethany Perry


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Have you been feeling like you can’t fully live in the moment and be happy because you keep thinking about things that happened in the past? Learn how to move away from the things that are weighing you down and step into the life you desire as David Adelson interviews Bethany Perry to share several solutions to help us enjoy and love ourselves more as well as our lives. Bethany is the owner and founder of InnerSource Health & Wellness. She is well-known as an emerging thought leader in combining the power of neuroscience, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga. Here, Bethany lets us on some gentle steps to eliminate the negative self-talk we hear about, but we don’t know what to do. She also teaches how to list the lies, eliminate them in our lives, and then move from fear to a place of love. This conversation may be longer than usual, but it sure is well worth the listen because it addresses healing relationships and self-love. What is more, Bethany gives away a meditation for releasing fear and receiving love. So take a deep dive into this episode as you learn how to love yourself and your life more!

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