218 - Blernsball


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Join Totemlydrunk and Edanar on Episode 218 as the hosts sit down to discuss a slew of news around the game and its competitive scene! Fuel house is looking drastically different after a rocky week, the Countdown Cup is here, the devs answer your questions in a recent reddit AMA, and the Summer Games have returned!

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Dallas Fuel release Decay; part ways with assistant coach Tikatee

Dallas Fuel release head coach Aero

Dallas Fuel release HarryHook for player misconduct

Rawkus leaves Outlaws; joins FaZe Valorant

Atlanta Reign sign flex support Lr1s

Spark part ways with head coach Mask; Pajion promoted

Countdown Cup primer

Devs reveal reworks in the cards (AMA)

Devs tease team tournament mode (AMA)

Kaplan reveals his biggest regret (AMA)

Devs share next Moira tests (AMA)

Double shield is dev team's highest priority (AMA)

Overwatch retail patch notes - August 4th

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