32 - Christina and Amos Blackwood, On Wallpaper, Family, and the Integrated Life


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Christina and Amos Blackwood are skilled craftspeople practicing their work in Northwest Arkansas. They work in clay, stone, and wallpaper. Peyton and Zac join them in their home to discuss not only their art, but also hope, family, and devoting energy to the things that deserve it. Amos takes the reigns on this week's Ozark Superstitions and talks about the spirits that live in the chimneys of old homesteads. Hey Hey NWA is a podcast that highlights the arts, businesses, initiatives, and culture of Northwest Arkansas through conversational interviews with locals. Looking for some more content like this? Read our blog at heyheynwa.com/blog Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/heyheynwa Keep up with us on Instagram at @heyheynwapodcast Support us on Patreon at patreon.com/heyheynwa

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