Hiring Help in Your Business


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Hiring help sounds terrifying... but it totally doesn't have to be! I'm running you through how to know what to hire out, the differences in employees and contractors, and all the things! Join the Hustle & Grit Club today: https://hustleandgrit.club Get started with ClickUp for free! https://heyjessica.com/tryclickup Grab my course to learn #allthethings about ClickUp! https://heyjessica.com/clickupcourse Sign up for a FREE month of my favorite email marketing system, ConvertKit at https://heyjessica.com/convertkit Get your FREE month of Audible which includes a FREE book and TWO free audible originals at https://heyjessica.com/audible Follow me on the 'gram! Personal Account: @jessicastansberry Biz Account: @heyjessicapodcast

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