2020, Axl Rose, Fandom Menace, Ari Shaffir


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"2020, Axl Rose, Fandom Menace, Ari Shaffir"

Episode from September 2020

Yes, we are back! It is like we never left. Can't remember the right audio levels, will improve as the eps come out. Hopefully hitting them monthly, with perhaps a longer running time (two hours or so).

Underground podcasts with real people with real jobs and real lives is where it is at. I mean, millionaire comedians and media pundits are cool and all, but what do they know about the daily grind and the simple anonymous unsung existence that we all experience? Nothing! They don't care about you, your life or the life of the ordinary person. All they care about is their vanity and their precious money.

We here at the High Horse are unique, in that we are sophisticated but rough, fearful but tough, ordinary but also kinda not, butt ugly but also kinda hot.

Are we the funniest smartest edgiest podcast out there? Hell no.

Are we listenable? sometimes.

So why listen? Because we do not claim to be anything that we are not. We can keep you company while you do other shit. We'll cover shitloads of interesting topics from history, psychology, culture, but not in an arty pretentious way, and not in a 'we're so dumb we never research and just talk shit' kinda way. We know our shit, we have read shitloads of books, watched shitloads of tv, movies and documentaries and travelled extensively, so it isn't gonna be overly lowbrow, but we're also not winning the nobel prize anytime soon.

You know what, I am tired of trying to convince you. Go and listen to Rogan or NPR or some shit. We don't want you. Hope you enjoy!

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