290 - Luke Summers - How to Optimise Client Experiences, Adapt to Client Needs, and Innovate Supervision for the At-Home Training Movement


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Luke Summers is the COO of Power Athlete, co-Founder/co-host of Power Athlete Radio, and a Power Athlete coach. He’s been coaching athletes, training clients, and educated thousands of coaches around the globe since 2007.

After a 6-year stint running pricing and product strategy at a Fortune 500 company, he took the plunge into the gym business to follow his passion. Since then, he has helped grow power athletes, and turned a brick and mortar gym averaging 500 clients annually into a multi-million-dollar online business. Now, Power Athlete have 130+ coaches empowering thousands of athletes and coaches every single month.

In this episode, Luke Summers shares the story of Power Athlete, training components to improve client retention, adaptability in training, virtual training tips, client acquisition strategies, and much more.

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