How Blood Sugar Imbalances Age Your Skin, Joints


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Poor metabolic health alters collagen production, accelerating the aging of skin as well as leading to joint pain and tendon problems.

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0:25 Study 1:26 Image: how collagen gets scrambled from poor blood sugar control 2:40 Root Cause 4:00 Tendon rupture and diabetes 4:57 Pre-diabetes and tendon issues 5:03 Poor metabolic health instigates changes at a cellular level within collagen production and stem cell generation. 5:20 Diabetes affects collagen sliding and disorganization of collagen. 9:00 Advanced glycation end products are created when glucose attaches to proteins, changing the structure of the protein. Structure equals function. 10:00 Glycating of collagen peptides leads to a reduction in elasticity and the thickening of tendons. 10:45 When you lose weight, osteoarthritis improves, partly because inflammation has been reduced. 13:00 There can be more fat deposition and changes in mineralization within the tendon/collagen. 13:10 Take vitamin K with your vitamin D, so calcium is deposited in bones, not soft tissue. 13:37 There is reduction in type 1 and type 2 collagen peptide production and reduction in stem cells, because of glycation. 14:46 Hemoglobin A1C is a direct measure of glycation. Over 5.5% may indicate that your collagen may glycated as well. 15:25 Triglycerides (over 80), liver enzymes, fasting insulin, or fasting glucose elevations are other indicators of possible glycation. 17:13 Circadian rhythm is important for blood sugar control. 17:30 Berberine hydrochloride can improve gut hormones and improve metabolic health.

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