How to Create an Online Presence for High Ticket Program Clients #37


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As a coach or consultant, you cannot be hirable if you are not searchable. How do you get visibility and attention on social media to help you in your high ticket digital marketing?

Before generating over a hundred million dollars in coaching and digital course sales, Dan Lok has faced the same challenges most coaches and consultants are experiencing early in his career, having a massive online presence.

Today, you will discover three critical things Dan Lok has learned having built over 9 million followers on social media. Listen and implement the lessons so you can go high ticket in this episode.


[0:40] Do you want to turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Try the platform Dan Lok is using and receive thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.

[1:48] What is the main reason why Dan Lok generated over a hundred million in coaching and digital course sales?

[2:18] What are some of the things Dan Lok has learned having over 9 million followers on social media?

[2:48] Is your social media presence all about having followers?

[3:48] Why consistency trumps intensity when building your social media presence.

[6:05] Why you should offer something for free to your audience.

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