How to Make Your Mastermind Members Stick for Longer Than a Year #23


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Most people in high ticket mastermind groups do not wish to stay after a year. These groups have something in common and you do not want to run your own high ticket group coaching the same way.

Find out why Dan Lok has a 90% retention rate in his high-level mastermind group and see what you can apply to your own in this episode.


[0:40] The first thing you need to understand when running a high ticket mastermind group.

[1:27] What Dan Lok does in his high-level advisory group to make his members stay long.

[2:19] How Dan Lok helps new members in his high-level advisory group to make them keep on coming back.

[3:21] How to make your high ticket signature coaching program more sticky.

[4:08] What most mastermind groups do and why it doesn't work.

[5:35] What Dan Lok does instead that made him have a 90% retention rate.

[9:34] Want to attend Dan Lok's live training to see how he do what he do? Here's how.

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