Should I take My Seminar Business Online #42


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How to take your business to greater heights? Consider expanding your Total Addressable Market (TAM) for your High Ticket Digital Marketing.

Learn in this episode how Dan Lok reached students in more than 151 countries and how you can venture your High ticket digital business locally and internationally.

[1:49] How going from local to global markets impact your high-ticket coaching business.

[2:36] Understanding the Concept of TAM and how you can implement it in your high-ticket coaching program.

[3:15]How Dan reached students in over 151 countries and why this is a very important lesson for you as a coach.

[3:38]Here’s how Dan Lok does his virtual High ticket events and what you can learn from it.

[4:05]Here is something you can consider to serve more people and expand your TAM.

[4:38]If you are able to expand your TAM, should you take your seminar business online?

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