Stuck At Six Figures? Here's How To Make SEVEN Figures A Year As A Coach or Consultant #59


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Are you wondering how to make the next leap forward in your high ticket business? Are you stuck with all the tactics, strategies, and information you need to scale to seven figures and beyond? Do you have a coaching business and the systems in place but just couldn’t seem to grow your high-ticket coaching business?

Consider taking action with these strategies that Dan shares in this episode that will sustain and scale your business.


[0:40] How can you turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Test drive Kajabi platform Dan Lok is using and receives thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.

[1:47] As an expert, coach, and consultant, what are the mistakes that are holding you back from making beyond 6 figures?

[2:12] Lesson you need to learn if your high-ticket client really needs you for one-on-one coaching in order for you to provide value.

[2:46] How Dan delivers value beyond just one-on-one coaching.

[3:27] How to get past the 6-figures plateau and make your first 7 figures.

[3:51] Discover the strategies to productize your expertise, knowledge, and experience.

[4:22] Find out what methodology can help you achieve 7 to 8 figures.

[5:02] Offer your high-ticket coaching niches by creating a system or curriculum that you can sell to coaches and consultants.

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