What Separates Successful Coaches And Consultants From Everyone Else #41


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Are you constantly worrying if you are doing a good job in your High Ticket coaching niches? Are you the best coach or consultant? Should you be focusing on my coaching and consulting skills before you market your high-ticket coaching business?

Discover the concept of visibility versus ability from Dan Lok, one of the industry's most successful high ticket coaches and consultants.


[0:40] How can you turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Test drive Kajabi platform Dan Lok is using and receives thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.

[1:57] What is the Concept of Visibility vs Ability and which is more important?

[2:30] What you focus on should be as a coach to attract and convert high-ticket clients.

[3:33] Why having visibility will help you develop the ability as a coach in your high-ticket coaching niches.

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