The Two Builders


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The Two Builders
Matthew 7:24-29
This parable comes at the very end of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6, 7). Jesus ends the sermon not with a pep talk or a funny story, but with a series of warnings. This parable is the final warning. Jesus says that the wise person is the one who not just listens to his words, but also does and that this is like a builder who builds their house on a solid foundation. Jesus says that the person who hears his words and doesn't do them is like a foolish builder who builds their house on the sand. The storms come to both house; one remains standing and the other falls with a great crash.

Jesus is taking a familiar idea from the Hebrew Scriptures, the wise vs the fool, and re-centering it around himself. Wisdom is the path to life while the Fool brings destruction upon themselves. Jesus says that the the way to wisdom, the way to life is by putting his words into practice and that those who don't put his words into practice are bringing about their own destruction.

This warning isn't so much - "Do what I say or you're going to get it!" It's more like a parent warning a child not to run into the street because it's dangerous and they will get hurt. Evil and sin have invaded God's good world and you will have storms. The only way to stand through them when they come is if your foundation is solid, built around doing his words.
We'll also look at how the Holy Spirit helps us put Jesus' words into practice, so it's not about our willpower and determination. We'll look at the transformation process where the Holy Spirit transforms us into a new type of person who is able to live out the words of Jesus.

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