151: Be Happy in Both Worlds: You can have a successful career and a happy family


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Sarah Ruffi is the Owner at Ruffi Law Offices, S.C. She worked at a law firm where she was miserable and didn’t realize the impact it had on her family until she was given an ultimatum. Now she is happier and spending more time with her family while also balancing a successful career. Sarah joins host Molly McGrath to talk about the importance of balancing these two worlds.


  • It’s important to make sure that you take time for your family as well as your career. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.
  • Many female attorneys leave the practice of law because they feel as though they are forced to choose between having a career or a family and a life.
  • Where focus goes, energy flows. If you only focus on the negative, then negative things will only happen in your life.
  • You need to take care of yourself and your family before your career. It’s easy to make yourself the victim but you need to realize how important your happiness is.
  • Clients will get a better product when employees are happier and committed to the work that they provide.
  • Don’t feel like you have to work with every client. You need to think about the kind of people that fit into your company and avoid clients that are a headache.
  • You want to design the layout of your office so that everyone feels comfortable walking into the office.

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18:31 “[female attorneys] are leaving for that very reason that I don't want to have to pick between having a family and having a career. And I am going to give up my career practicing law so that I can have a family and a life.”


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