Ep. 32 - The History of the Opie and Anthony Radio show Pt. 1


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This week Scott calls on his internet pal Jared who was an Opie and Anthony intern during the XM Days to discuss the history of their favorite radio show of all time, the Opie and Anthony show. They went for 2 and a half hours without really getting sidetracked at all. But they also discussed the economics of Sirius XM and how its all a scam basically. Jared wants to promote the East Side Dave show on Compound Media as well as the Beige Frequency Cumia documentaries. He also appear in Porsalin's documentary "The Least Professional Broadcaster".All of those can be found on youtube. Follow @historyhomospod on Twitter Parler and Ig and follow @scottlizardabrams on IG. Scott Also streams on twitch at twitch.tv/historyhomos and @historyhomos. If you have any questions comments or concerns email historyhomos@GMAIL.com. for full lentgth video episodes search history homos on youtube or follow the link in any of our social media bios. later homos. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/historyhomos/support

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