Rosalind Franklin Ep.8: The Structure of a Life


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Season Finale

In the conclusion to this story about Rosalind Franklin, the team contemplates what it means to interpret data points as they race to complete one final project.

History Science Theatre Podcast is a production of Matheatre ( We use live theatre to tell stories that inspire excitement about math and science.;; Instagram: matheatre_steam

  • Script by Ricky Coates and Sadie Bowman;
  • Music and lyrics by Sadie Bowman;
  • Edited by Ricky Coates;
  • Outtro orchestration by Joe McMorrow

Featuring (in order of appearance):

  • Sadie Bowman as Rosalind Franklin
  • K. Brian Neel as Aaron Klug
  • Joe McMorrow as Francis Crick
  • Rosalie Norris Gutman as Odile Crick
  • Alec Schillinger as Raymond Gosling
  • Jeffrey Scott Parsons as JD Bernal
  • Ricky Coates as Vittorio Luzzati

Rosalie Norris Gutman is a vocalist, featured in Matheatre's sister project icanhasmath.

This concludes Season One of History Science Theatre PODCAST. Stay tuned for a bonus interstitial release of an audio version of Matheatre's live stage production "Curie Me Away!", a chemistry-themed musical based on the science and life of Marie Curie. Season Two of History Science Theatre PODCAST is coming soon with another dramatized story from STEM history.

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