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Sophie (age 7) and Ellie (age 5) tell how the Ancient Greeks helped make the world around us.


We hear about how the Greeks learned about the stars and gave them the names of their Gods.

We hear how the Greek Hoplite was a war winning machine. We learn how Sparta turned their children into invincible warriors with a brutal training regime.

We tell how Athens had the idea to have the people in charge and voted on who their leaders should be. We tell how this gave us the word “Democracy”. The girls are unimpressed that Greek “Democracy” did not involve women.

We tell how the Ancient Greeks loved maths and science. Ellie tells the story of Archimedes and how he worked out how to tell how big something was from the water rising in his bath. Then he runs naked down the street shouting “Eureka, Eureka”.

We tell how the Greeks loved plays and the theatre. We re-tell the story of Oedipus (appropriately told for children). Oedipus kills a man on the road then he goes to the next City. They need a King and they have created a puzzle (riddle) to decide who should be King. This gives the children a chance to see if they can crack the puzzle (riddle). Oedipus cracks the puzzle and becomes King. Then he discovers that they man he killed at the start of the story was his own father. Upset, he stops being King. The girls talk about how Greek plays are exciting but a little bit miserable at times. We then discuss what a tragedy means.

We tell how the Greeks love of magnificent architecture helped tell their story through the ages. We also explain how even though the Romans conquered Ancient Greece, the were so impressed with the Greeks that they kept Greek culture and learning alive.

Finally, we reflect on some of the things that the Greeks gave the modern world.

Homeschooling / Key Stage 1 and 2

We know that many of you are currently homeschooling. We are too! The Ancient Greeks is on the Key Stage 1 curriculum so this episode on Ancient Greece is a good addition to your homeschooling


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One of our episodes there is about the Seven Wonders of the World which tallies really well with this episode as it is about many buildings that the Ancient Greeks built.

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