HLTV Confirmed S5E23 | Twistzz talks Liquid downfall, nitr0 leaving, FaZe rumors


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Twistzz joined the HLTV podcast for a candid interview about Liquid's struggles in 2020, being close to the bench twice, nitr0 leaving the team, and FaZe rumors.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

Hot seat with Twistzz

5:03 - First impressions of European CS

8:13 - "I think people stopped working well together (in Liquid)"

14:57 - Losing nitr0 and adreN, COVID impact

23:03 - Decision to leave the team

28:03 - FaZe rumor and next step in career

Recent news

34:07 - Rating new NiP logo (+ bonus Chaos)

37:05 - ZywOo being #1 of 2020

45:18 - ESL’s plans to return to LAN, RMR proposals

52:40 - Predicting the Major and LANs

1:02:24 - Mouz add acoR & dexter

1:07:27 - ENCE with international roster

1:17:31 - degster, patsi join Spirit

1:23:07 - Mass banning of Australian players

1:33:09 - Vitality fined by ESIC

1:48:13 - First look at Liquid with FalleN

BLAST Global Finals

2:02:20 - NAVI live up to their potential

2:15:03 - Astralis - Vitality - NAVI rivalry in 2021


2:21:40 - LAN vs. Online difference

2:24:37 - Positive sides of the NA scene

2:26:26 - Hair tutorial when???

2:27:10 - Long-term goals and being an IGL

2:29:00 - Should we change map pool?

2:31:55 - International rosters issues

2:26:07 - An odd question and final words

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