How good can ropz's mouz be? IEM Cologne playoff predictions (FaZe, G2, NAVI) | HLTV Confirmed S5E47


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The HLTV Confirmed panel is joined by ropz to discuss being the star of the squad, mousesports replacing karrigan and woxic, and the roles different coaches had on the team. IEM Cologne 2021 is also a large part of the episode: FaZe and Astralis made surprising playoffs entrances, G2, NAVI, and Gambit line up for the title. Besides that, ropz shares his thoughts on how to combine school and pro play, critiques Vertigo, talks about FPL and his warmup routine.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

Hotseat with ropz

5:10 - Introducing ropz

7:36 - Looking back at 2020

11:42 - Reforming the team with acoR & dexter

17:25 - Role of coaches

21:50 - Playing with dexter - how is it?

24:20 - Bymas & combining school with pro play

28:55 - mouz maps & roles

34:43 - Sudden Flashpoint 3 win

38:57 - Cologne from mouz perspective

51:46 - Tournament break & EPL plans

54:40 - FPL & warmup routine

55:39 - Goals for 2021 & top-20

Recent news

59:40 - fnatic bench Golden

1:07:40 - Academy league & mouz NXT

1:14:55 - Who wants to be a skinionaire? By BitSkins

IEM Cologne 2021

1:22:00 - LAN in the pandemic - ropz’s experience

1:27:00 - Few surprises in Play-In

1:35:41 - Heroic fail to make playoffs

1:37:00 - FaZe go through - can they beat Gambit?


1:45:00 - Parimatch matchmaker

1:52:45 - karrigan & dexter style difference

1:53:43 - “Vertigo sucks!” - ropz on maps & positions

1:55:53 - Native resolution & sitting close to the monitor

1:57:50 - Best riflers in the world?

1:59:51 - What is it like to be the most desired player in the world?

2:01:40 - Saying bye to ropz

IEM Cologne 2021 continued

2:02:55 - Breaking down FaZe’s chances

2:07:41 - Are Gambit up to win another one?

2:14:43 - Astralis overperformed? Chances vs. VP

2:28:40 - Time for G2 to shine?

2:36:06 - Will s1mple lift the trophy?

2:40:21 - Final words

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