smooya & co. pick best drama, change, team of the season; HUNDEN exits Heroic? | HLTV Confirmed


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HLTV Confirmed teams up with smooya to discuss the team, roster move, highlight, match, disappointment, and surprise that defined the first half of 2021. Also discussed is smooya career in Movistar Riders, another scandal involving HUNDEN, Astralis going 6-man, peacemaker joining Complexity, as well as fnatic & Liquid rumors.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

Hot seat with smooya

6:02 - Dream UK team with smooya

7:34 - Joining Movistar after a rocky 2020

13:02 - Strong domestic results, top-30

15:30 - Little success at Katowice, DHM, FP-3 quals

19:52 - Looking forward

22:58 - Who wants to be a skinionaire? By BitSkins

Recent news

30:01 - Astralis go 6-man with Lucky, gla1ve extends

40:01 - Peacemaker reunites with blameF on Complexity

47:26 - HUNDEN info sharing, not extending with Heroic

52:32 - Pracc demos & information leaks

55:41 - Signs of problems within Heroic before the news

59:17 - ALEX and mezii in talks with fnatic - Report

1:06:00 - Sprout to cut denis - Report

1:10:03 - Liquid change IGL again?

1:14:52 - EPL team list, strongest group?

1:19:39 - Playoff bracket rework

1:22:47 - Major in Stockholm, yes? No. Maybe?

Mid-year recap

1:28:00 - Most outrageous drama

1:37:01 - Best team

1:41:32 - Best and worst roster moves

1:54:25 - Best highlight

1:59:22 - Best match

2:05:52 - Biggest disappointment

2:16:30 - Biggest surprise

2:20:20 - Favorite guest or show


2:23:33 - Parimatch matchmaker

2:32:01 - Message from s1mple in the chat

2:32:54 - EasTor to OFFSET

2:34:21 - Feminitive for “mens))”?..

2:35:22 - Final words

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