Sexy Beast


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In 2000, Jonathan Glazer unbuttoned his directorial debut, Sexy Beast. Sexy Beast is a British crime comedy featuring the story of a retired career criminal who receives a visit from an old gangster acquaintance who is determined to force him out of retirement and disrupt his happy life. Sir Ben Kingsley stars as the dreaded Don Logan opposite Ray Winstone as Gal the retired robber and is joined by Ian McShane to round out this expertly acted piece of cinema. Made for $4.3 million, Sexy Beast made a humble $10 million at the box office but received critical praise, even securing an Oscar nod for Kingsley in the best supporting actor category. But, does it hold up? Listen in as Jon, Colin, and Brent, debate spandex swimwear as we decide if we need to bring sexy back, or see if it never left.

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