My Judge Is A Black Woman! w/Judge Shamieka Rhinehart


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The change we’ve been seeking for America’s criminal (in)justice system is coming to a judge’s bench near you. That change is Black women. On today’s episode we’ve got a special conversation with Judge Shamieka Rhinehart of North Carolina’s 14th Judicial District. Judge Rhinehart breaks down how important Black women are to the American legal system and how crucial it is to see the face behind each case that comes before her. Eboni and Dustin discuss the Black women who are moving and shaking in law including Suzette Malveaux, who could become the first Black woman appointed to the 10th Circuit Federal Court; Bruce Beach, the Black-owned beach that is being returned to its rightful owners 100 years after being stolen by the state; and the tragic and angering death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, not far from where George Floyd was murdered. Eboni and Dustin also dig into what they’re loving about Virginia - ( It’s the 16th state to legalize recreational cannabis!) and what they hate about Virginia (The vicious VA police officer who pepper sprayed and assaulted 2nd lieutenant Caron Nazario after taunting him for being afraid); and Utah’s new bill mandating that biological fathers pay up for pregnancy costs. Eboni also pays a beautiful tribute to Midwin Charles one of the great Black legal minds of a generation.

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