Episode 169: The Gifts of Rejection with Kait Warman


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When you think of the word “rejection,” what comes to mind? When you were a kid and were the last one chosen for kickball? Junior high lunch room not knowing where to sit? Maybe you think of last week when that person didn’t text you back? No matter what comes to mind, most of us wouldn’t put rejection in the “gift” file of our minds. However, author and dating coach, Kait Warman, has a different view: After processing the deep pain of rejection with Jesus, she has learned to be grateful for it. How, Kait? Seriously, how do you do that?! Let’s go, friends. I Highlights I “In the wake of a rejection, we wanna see six months ahead. We wanna know next week, next month, and we wanna see the future….So my prayer usually to God in the wake of a rejection is, ‘God, would you give me the grace just to handle today?’” -Kait Warman I Do the Next Thing I Head over to Kait’s website for more resources! https://kaitness.com/about-kaitness/ Watch this conversation! (COMING SOON) Check out our new favorite Bible! https://csbholylandillustratedbible.com

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