Episode 170: How to Biblically Engage the Trans* Conversation with Dr. Preston Sprinkle


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We are not sure there is a bigger, more delicate, more divisive, or more misunderstood conversation in Christendom right now than how to approach the trans* conversation. So, we’re bringing in the best expert on the conversation right now: our dear friend of the podcast (and in real life!), Dr. Preston Sprinkle. Together, we explore: If we hold to a historically Christian view of marriage (believing it is between one man and one woman) how does that affect our beliefs on gender? Does it? Should Christians transition? Is this whole thing just a big trend? How can we love beloved, trans* image bearers like Jesus? No longer can we offer pat answers or avoid the whole thing, dear family. Let’s dive in together. I Highlights I “Think deeply and love widely.” -Preston Sprinkle “We need to look through these identities to the person. And really have the kindness and patience of Christ to get to know this human being in front of you.” -Preston Sprinkle I Do the Next Thing I Explore more of Preston’s work, especially his book, Embodied, here! https://www.prestonsprinkle.com Check out our new favorite Bible! https://csbholylandillustratedbible.com

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