Episode 175: Helping Kids to Hear God with Dr. Michelle Anthony


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If you disciple children in any capacity, how’s it going for you? I mean, we have all gone through a lot in the last year, and so have young people. Today, author and teacher, Dr. Michele Anthony, comes alongside us to help us care for kids’ hurting hearts. Together, we explore: How can we teach kids to hear God’s voice? (Is it even possible?) How can we lead kids as a “spiritual parent” instead of a “fear-based” one? (And what does it even mean to parent spiritually?) How can we help children to have a gospel-centered identity? Only the easy questions today. ;) Join us? I Highlights I “First, God is in charge.” -Dr. Michelle Anthony (quoting her daughter) “[Spiritual parenting] means I have an audience of One. It means I’m not parenting for the whole world to say I’m a good parent; I’m parenting before God to say, ‘I’m really taking seriously that you entrusted this child to me.’” -Dr. Michelle Anthony “[Spiritual parenting is] done in concert with the Holy Spirit.” -Dr. Michelle Anthony I Do the Next Thing I Check out more of Michelle at her website! http://michelleanthony.org/about/ For updates on our ministry and connection to other listeners, join our Facebook group! https://m.facebook.com/groups/434827357279517

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