Episode 178: Season 4 Wrap with Matt, Laurie, and Steve


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Even though picking favorite episodes from this season is like choosing a favorite child, we snagged your top listened-to ones from this season (and some of our most memorable conversations), and reflected on clips from them. Here are the episodes we cover: “Caring for People Wrestling with Gender” with Mark Yarhouse https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/caring-for-people-wrestling-with-gender-with-dr-mark-yarhouse/ Shredding Shame in a Pandemic” with Dr. Curt Thompson https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/shredding-shame-in-a-pandemic-with-dr-curt-thompson/ “Defining Stress and Success” with John Mark Comer https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/defining-stress-success-with-john-mark-comer/ “Start Where You Are” with Rashawn Copeland https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/start-where-you-are-with-rashawn-copeland/ “Intro to the Gardens’ Series Part 2” with Matt and Laurie https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/an-introduction-to-the-gardens-series-part-1-with-laurie-matt-and-steve/ “Marriage and Mental Health” with Aaron and Jamie Ivey https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/marriage-and-mental-health-with-aaron-jamie-ivey/ We also get honest about how we feel about how this season went, and we look ahead to the summer and fall (SEASON FIVE!) Thanks for being a part of what made this season really sweet. There is no reason to do this thing without you. I Highlights I “We’re trying to be proactive, to make the Church a place where it’s safe to wrestle with things, and one of the primary ways we can do that is to really stop worshipping at the feet of marriage and start worshipping at the feet of Jesus.” -Laurie Krieg I Do the Next Thing I Please take our survey to help us do next season even better! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DK62VGV Are you interested in any LGBT+/sexuality/Church oneness trainings we do? Email Michele at events@lauriekrieg.com Are you interested in that Impossible Marriage Intensive Retreat? Contact Michele at events@lauriekrieg.com ! Watch this conversation! https://vimeo.com/564911383

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