A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Family with Dr. Madiha Saeed - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #213


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What are the secrets to having a healthy family?

It’s one thing to change our own habits to be healthier, but what about our children’s habits? On this podcast, I’m joined by a holistic family practice physician who’s written a children’s book on holistic health. She shares with us her nine pillars to a healthy family.

What should our kids eat? How do you get them to sleep soundly at night? What are some tips to improve their mindset and mental health? We’ll explore all of these topics and more, as we give you concrete, actionable advice to improve your health and the health of your children.

Please join me and my friend Dr. Madiha Saeed as we reveal A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Family.

Link: https://holisticmommd.com/healing-bundle

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