ASTON VILLA 3-1 FULHAM: Super-Subs To The Rescue!


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Cole Pettem, Danny Raza, and Simon O’Regan all got together to discuss the quick turnaround victory over Fulham - football is fun again!

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  • Jack Grealish misses out through a last-minute injury precaution - how big of a miss was he?
  • Why are/were Villa struggling to create attacking opportunities over the last few games?
  • Early substitutions (Finally!) - how giving the likes of Trezeguet and Davis more time on the pitch paid off massively!
  • Konsa contract extension and Wesley injury chatter.
  • The fellas glowingly reflect on a Trezeguet/Davis masterclass, listener three word reviews, man of the match awards, and more fun is had with the ‘Who Am I?’ Aston Villa edition.

All of this and so much more! Enjoy the podcast and Up The Villa!



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