554: P.I.D-The MicDrop-Kingdom Building Conversations-Artist Interview


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On Juneteenth weekend, Darius West shared the @micdropthemovie premiere in #dallas, igniting an overdue celebration of many CHH Pioneers. It was an incredible weekend allowing artists to reconnect, fans to gain a deeper appreciation of the genre, and for all to take in their stories through the documentary.

Friday evening was like a family reunion, with a string so small celebrations each time one of the pioneers entered the restaurant for the dinner gathering. On Saturday, as the pioneers begin rehearsals and soundchecks, I caught up with each of them backstage.

As someone who has grown up within and has been impacted by so much of CHH’s history, it was my honor to spend time with so many of the pioneers. During this interview, P.I.D. shares how they began, where they are now, their view of the journey, and points of wisdom in passing the virtual mantle if you will.

Watch in full at: https://holyculture.net/pid_kingdombuildingconversations/

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