#42 - KELSEY 'HYDRO' MILLER - Dancer, Choreographer and Model


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Kelsey ‘Hydro’ Miller (@kelseyhydromiller) is an international a dancer, model and choreographer, plus and ambassador for Nike Training London. He has performed on stages such as the Barbican, SSE Arena and Latitude Festival, with artists including Cheryl Cole, Run DMC and Will Smith. Kelsey’s signature fluid style, Hydrography, is a fusion of his training in Hip hop, Popping, Jazz, dancehall, afrobeats, Krump and House.

Kelsey was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 3days before my 18th birthday in 2015; he was lucky enough to be cured in the early spring on 2016, however it has came with a lot of challenges and barriers that helped him grow into the artist he is today.In the same way dance helped him through some difficult moments of his life, he hope to inspire others who may benefit from using this as a form of release.


-Going from Cheryl Cole’s backing dancer to building own ‘Hydro’ dance community

-Expressing emotion and pain through dance

-Finding ways to blend creativity with business

-Being genuine and positive in what you do

-Dealing with competition and egos

-Being diagnosed with cancer at age 18

-Helping young people to transform through dance

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